Sunday, February 14, 2010


Couches, I like them. Ryan's roommate Llyr has a black leather couch that he said we could borrow and Karen said that we could use the couch and love seat that are at the barn. I was wanting to align them on the east wall along with some ficus trees Ryan might be able to borrow from the furniture store he used to work at.

I am not so much into the shoes in this picture as much as I am into that little (big) sign with balloons. I love balloons. Anyways, since the barn is out of the way, then one or more of these might be helpful.

The only thing that this picture has in common with my vision for the reception is the lights, branches and that it is located in a barn. Not so much the cake, owl, or farming tools.

Table Cloths: I am really into the table cloths in these next 2 pictures. I had found some awesome little rounds at the dollar store. When I went back to get a bunch, they were mostly all gone. So all I got was a round and 4 squares. I was really sad at first, but then I remembered how nobody is really going to care.

So...I think I am going to get bare tree branches, spray paint them gold, and assemble them in the center of each table. I think this will give sculptural appeal, and I think they will look interesting with the christmas lights, old bottles, and picture frames. Ryan always says that when I voice my ideas, they sound horrible. That is, until I actuate them, and he says they turn out well. So Mom, you are going to have to trust me on this one...since you last saw me, I have taken a sculpture class and I am currently in a 3-D design class. I am a visual expert...

I am seriously eyeballing the lights and vines on those chandeliers in the picture below. Love them. There are 2 huge "chandeliers" over the center of the barn, about the same height as the balcony. My mom has little fake candle lights and we will put vines and christmas lights on them, like the chandeliers below...

Just a few inspirational pictures to help illustrate the feel I am hoping to achieve...

Picture frames:
So I am really into this picture frame idea, making it more sentimental without plastering everything with our initials. Perhaps a collection of them on the wall behind the food, and I would like 1 or 2 little ones at each table. I spent about $30 on a bunch of them from the thrift store, enough for all the tables and there are many interesting shapes and sizes. I just need a few larger ones, I was only able to find one. They are all gold, with any interesting geometric or undulating organic relief on the frames as opposed to just solid frames. The 3 on the tree in the picture directly below are perfect examples, methinks.

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