Monday, January 25, 2010

Location, location, reception

I went to a reception at this old barn in Mapleton, UT about 2 years ago and it was pretty sweet. It is available on April 20th so looks like the reception is going to be here!. I am pretty excited! What's more is that they are letting us set everything up the day before, I believe around 10am. It's going to be a dream...


  1. That is the coolest place to have a reception! And I'm sure whatever dress you have you'll look gorgeous in it!

  2. I thought the place on Center would be nice, but this is a place you can get excited about - how fun!
    Do you need to provide all your own lights and decorations? I have 12 sets of lights plus 3 sets of fiber optic lights for the buffet tables. (The fiber optic lights are softer & finer as well as adjustable so they can fade in and out.)
    Love the dress - and having it made will take the pressure off you.